HD-4300 Telemed


Expand flexible healthcare access through telehealth with this easy and affordable mobile solution, which combines the power to support onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing. 

Allows to confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches any of your needs with HD 4300 Telemed.


HD 4300 Telemed integrated with different kits allows a full HD bidirectional audio/video communication in the clinical setting. The system supports real time second opinion consulting through the Hospital internal LAN.

The video can be directly recorded via HD 4300 Telemed.

Thank to its high level security, HD 4300 Telemed can be safety switched in many wards.

HD 4300 Telemed is a full movable device and the network connection is garanteed by its embedded wi-fi adapter.


Based on acquired equipment, the system has the possibility to work independently through self-powered cart.
The battery level is always monitored and clearly exposed to the user.

HD 4300 Telemed is compatible with all global video communication systems already installed in conference room.