Active and Assisted Living

Remote assistance is a way to provide new aids to facilitate independent living to elderly and weak people, offering a set of instruments to supports and assist their daily life.

A remote assistance system must be able to generate serenity in both the user and the care giver, therefore it must provide a discrete and non-invasive control of the home living environment and user’s healthy conditions. In the main time it must be able to send alarm or status messages to face sudden events, to assure immediate assistance to the user when any emergency event occurs.

  • i-Help 3g

    i-Help 3g

    i-Help is a remote assistance and geolocation device for fall detection with embedded GPS which automatically calls and sends SMS in case of an emergency or predetermined perimeter exit (geofence).

  • LivOn


    LivOn is the latest generation of solutions addressing Ambient Assisted Living. Based on a very simple easy to use phone gateway, the system allows a relative, a care giver or a service center to monitor in any moment, with non-invasive sensors, the user’s activity level or to receive an SMS request for assistence in case of any need.