i-Help 3g

The iHelp 3G is a feature-rich, reliable, and easy-to-use mPERS device. It offers the latest in 3G wireless coverage any mobile SIM.

It is compact and lightweight at under 2 oz., and may be worn as a pendant around the neck, a bracelet, or on a belt.

Img -12

It is water-resistant and extremely durable. It provides loud, clear audio, and voice prompts that enable the user to know the status of their pendant at all times.

The iHelp 3G  has a fall detection system ,  a GPS location finder and geo-fencing, which enables family, friends, and/or loved ones to be notified if the user steps outside of their pre-programmed ‘safe zone’.

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The unit has a fully supervised battery that will notify the operator, and announce to the user when the battery is low.

IHELP 3G includes a pill reminder for medication management.

Enhanced kits even include a Smart charger/Docking station with speaker and microphone.

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The Smart charger/Docking station enables the user to leave the pendant ‘docked’ and use a small, remote button that they can wear around the wrist or on a lanyard around the neck.

The user is able to manage, configure the device d receive alert messages with maps via App.

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