Well-being and good health are two concepts that in the modern interpretation of the term are strongly interrelated and are the index of the balance between mental and physical health, which lead to the harmony between man and his living environment, that is the expression of his lifestyle.

ADITECH uses technology and experienced know-how to facilitate people’s health status maintenance with respect to each owns quality of life, offering a wide and comprehensive range of highly innovative solutions, suitable for any monitoring of health services support.

  • ADiLife


    ADiLife is the new "connected health" platform, reference point for prevention, well-being and healthcare of its users. Designed with the aim of being a flexible, adaptable and user friendly solution, today it offers tools, functions and services suitable for every age transition and assistance, all-inclusive.

  • Bewell Connect

    Bewell Connect

    BewellConnect is the first medical platform developed by Visiomed Group which connects a number of modern designed wearable IOT medical devices and to evaluate the parameters detected thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms and internationally recognized medical statistics and databases.

  • HD-4300 Telemed

    HD-4300 Telemed

    Expand flexible healthcare access through telehealth with this easy and affordable mobile solution, which combines the power to support onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing full HD bidirectional audio/video communication. Allows to confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches any of your needs.

  • Emfit QS Care

    Emfit QS Care

    Emfit QS Care is a real-time bed occupancy and movement activity health monitor with health data tracking via ballistocardiography, which improves senior care outcome and reduces costs.

  • i-Help 3g

    i-Help 3g

    i-Help is a remote assistance and geolocation device for fall detection with embedded GPS which automatically calls and sends SMS in case of an emergency or predetermined perimeter exit (geofence).

  • LivOn


    LivOn is the latest generation of solutions addressing Ambient Assisted Living. Based on a very simple easy to use phone gateway, the system allows a relative, a care giver or a service center to monitor in any moment, with non-invasive sensors, the user’s activity level or to receive an SMS request for assistence in case of any need.

  • Actigraph


    Is one of the most advanced 3D activometers available today. Actigraph’s solutions can provide detailed list of the users activity data as well as an appropriate sleep analysis.

  • XYZLife Patch Bc1

    XYZLife Patch Bc1

    Innovative and easy to use weareable electrocardiograph, which allows you to monitor your parameters such as heart and respiratory rate, steps, calorie consumption, single-lead ECG and HRV in real time.