Thanks to a mix of the most innovative technologies and mobile solution, Aditech has created and made available to the market a set of products and services allowing to provide remote assistance in any geographical location and reaching the patient wherever he is. Our new mobile solutions allow user to self-control his health, a care giver, a doctor or a service provider to monitor vital signs while the user is on the move, or to provide support to rescue teams connecting emergency vehicles to a telemedicine network. Aditech can boast a range of solutions including the most advanced on the market for telecare and telemonitoring in mobility that gathered in the page: mobile care solutions.

  • Actigraph


    Is one of the most advanced 3D activometers available today. Actigraph’s solutions can provide detailed list of the users activity data as well as an appropriate sleep analysis.

  • XYZLife Patch Bc1

    XYZLife Patch Bc1

    Innovative and easy to use weareable electrocardiograph, which allows you to monitor your parameters such as heart and respiratory rate, steps, calorie consumption, single-lead ECG and HRV in real time.