Emfit QS Active

Emfit Quantified Sleep is a non-invasive device that does not require clothing, belts, bracelets or switches.

Just lie down on the bed and EmFit automatically records and evaluates your data, providing a detailed description of your sleep quality, stress level, and progressive physiological recovery.

While you sleep EMFIT measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, activity, sleep quality and your HRV.

Your data is visible on your Smartphone or Tablet or on your web page. You can share data  or self-evaluate your potential daily performances.

Developed using the  balistocardiography, technology (i.e. recording of the motion transmitted throughout the body by the heart).

The sensor is installed under the mattress and connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Your heart reveals your level of stress and physiological recovery

It is known that high Cardiac Variability (HRV) values are the expression of a good physiological balance, good health and a good level of athletic preparation.

Monitoring of cardiac variability during sleep provides a detailed picture of night time recovery. The HRV (RMDSS) value in the evening shows the stress accumulated during the day. The measured value in the morning provides the recovered value or the readiness to face a new day.

But the value of HRV is also a measurement of over or under training which in turn can be influenced by factors such as lifestyle, daily work, family relationships, etc...

Sleep is essential for improving physical and mental performance

Sleep is very important for your health  and  attention should be  paid   to grant that sleep is properly structured with an adequate REM level for the recovery of the psychological status and equally deep sleep for the recovery of the body’s physiological needs.

EmFit can be of great help because thanks to its algorithms it is able to provide a complete sleep map by recognizing the percentage of light sleep, deep sleep and REM in an intuitive and immediate graph. Additionally, it measures heart rate, breathing and activity during bed time.