BioHarness / OmniSense Software


Zephyr’s psychophysical monitoring system is the result of the integration between the well know patented BioHarness 3 module and the Omnisense software, which allows to have an immediate picture of the athletes and of their performances thanks to the multi parametric measurement system, which makes the system unique and  completeness.

Easy to use and to wear

The Zephyr™ Physiological Status Monitoring(PSM) Training ECHO system is a single solution that measures, streams and logs a wide variety of physiological data on up to 50 athletes simultaneously - over an astonishing 1000 footline-of-sight range - with no dead zones. With PSM Training ECHO, coaches can train their athletes to their peaks - making it possible to achieve consistent, maximum performance from a team by eliminating individual under - and over - training.

And PSM Training ECHO offers two comfortableoptions for mounting the BioModule™ sensor onpersonnel - the Zephyr BioHarness™ and Zephyr’snew, compression Team Shirt.



Live Monitoring via Web

You can download your own  APP (Zephyr ME, Zephyr MD or Zephyr LIFE)  for Android smartphones to live monitor your activities and show to friends or coach your workout performances. www.zephyranywhere allows you to subscribe your own account and to see your training psychophysical attitude, vital parameters stress level and aerobic performance anywhere you are.