BioHarness / OmniSense Software

Bioharness Biomodule

BioHarness is one of the most advanced and complete multi parametric wearable modules available on the market today.

Derived from military technology, tested by NASA in space missions, used by dozens of scientific research institutes all over the world and by successful sports teams, it is today the most widely used Live telemonitoring product and Performance Evaluation on the world’s market.

Not only does it allow real-time monitoring of athletes in action on an immediate comprehension synoptic dashboard, ensuring their physiological safety, but also to evaluate all the parameters that contribute to their endurance capacity (cardiac load, mechanical load, VO2, cardiac variability, breathing, heart rate, temperature, activity, acceleration, explosive force, jump, impact, etc...).

BioHarness is today an essential tool to profile a successful athlete and manage his trends and his performances. It’s the most complete training monitoring system available to the market which allows performances detection analysis and  improvements.

BioHarness is today used not only by professional athletes but in any other environments where physiological performance is a must such as:

  • First responders
  • Military safety and performers
  • Extreme sports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Telemonitoring vital parameters

The BioHarness system comes complete with:

  • Sensorized garments ( chest straps or compression shirts and Bra)
  • OmniSense: a complete software Suit for live monitoring (real time multi parameters displayed on the screen) and post recording analysis
  • A wide range of physiological parameters collected in real time or elaborated with the analysis software