ADiLife is the new "connected health" platform, reference point for prevention, well-being and healthcare of its users. Designed with the aim of being a flexible, adaptable and user friendly solution, today it offers tools, functions and services suitable for every age transition and assistance, all-inclusive.

Many are the possible scenarios on which ADiLife can be applied, ranging from simple self-measurement of aerobic parameters, prevention and lifestyle, to remote assistance of active elderly or long-term chronicle patients home assistance or early de-hospitalization.

ADiLife  assets include real-time health monitoring  combined with the most advanced  communication technologies such as  chat, video communication, social media, SMS and its virtual assistant.


Prevention and lifestyle

Prevention  is  very important  when thinking  about aging and that is where ADiLife can make the difference. Think about providing real time measurements with wearable IOT devices and the ADiLife Mobile App, which together can provide real time vital parameter data and trends, identifying the potentially critical parameters which affect your health as for instance your own lifestyle: diets, physical activity, chronicity, etc... In this case the user can choose the IOT devices that best meet his needs (weight scales, bracelets or non-invasive sport belts that measures activity, heart rate, calorie consumption, sleep quality, stress, HRV ) or  medical devices such as  glucometer, EKG trace , blood pressure bracelet, etc ..). The collected data will be stored  in the Cloud, granting privacy and security (GDPR compliant) allowing professionals (healthcare service provider, coaches, trainers) to supervise objectives, trends, thresholds and achievements in order to better provide advice, guidelines or request more appropriate follow-ups.

Chronicity and assistance

Aging is often characterized by the raise of chronic diseases symptoms, such as tachycardia, hypertension, diabetes, overweight and so on, which may require greater attention and control, but this does not mean that one cannot have and independent and active life.

ADiLife can be the solution to better manage chronicle diseases, offering a series of wearable IOT medical devices to keep potentially critical parameters under control (heart rate, single-track ECG, pressure, blood glucose, SpO2, weight, cholesterol, haemoglobin, flowmetry, etc...). The platform allows each user to have its own health record page, storing personal data and measurements taken, graphing trends and detecting threshold and milestones.

A health care service provider can take advantage from the platform facilities to improve its  service, monitoring user’s vital data and keeping contact with its subscriber making use of the additional  tools ADiLife makes available such as  interactive video, SMS, social means,  e-mails or SMS. This business model addresses typically associations, nursing homes, rest homes, chronic disease care providers and hospitals.

Active Aging

It represents one of ADiLife  strengths, in fact the platform as it was conceived and developed is able to combine home automation together with vital parameters monitoring. For example, it is possible to passively monitor the activity of an elderly person in the home, using wireless non-invasive sensors (movement intensity meters) in the most significant rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bed) to understand what is the level of  "Activity", presence or not in the rooms or in the home. In addition safety sensors such as gas, fire or environmental conditions control are available. ADiLife can also interact with contactless sensors to monitor vital data and health status during bed stay, measuring  parameters such as heart rate, breathing, sleep quality, anxiety, night shaking events, stress, etc...

ADiLife platform may be used to monitor outdoor activity, granting elderlies safety and security, equipping them with a small wearable fall detector and tracking device, with emergency buttons, GPS track, geo-fence alert to ensure his safety at all times even when the user is outdoor.


Addresses single users willing to  track their sport achievements  and milestones. Downloading ADiLife mobile app one can keep under control its aerobic performances. ADiLIfe’s Mobile App can collect vital data during workouts, thanks to the use of a multiparametric belt or sensorized shirt. The collected data will be stored on a web page dedicated to the user. You can set goals and check what has been achieved or you can set thresholds following the advice of a coach or personal trainer who in turn could be part of the "ADiLife network" as a "service provider or operator.

Who does ADiLife address?

ADILIFE was designed to offer all this on a Cloud Platform. In brief it is a tool which allows several communication channels and a number of monitoring and management tools to concretely and efficiently provide medical support and monitoring to users of any age. The heart of the system is the web platform, agnostic to any operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), developed using open source software, which allows the user to collect all his data in a single digital file (PHR). The platform offers a series of tools to facilitate the work of a healthcare professional, who can benefit from the video facilities (video call center) screen and document sharing function, as for instance the specialist will be able to see a complete patient medical history and at the same time a general practitioner can ask a second opinion consultation, or the operator will be able to communicate with the patient or a caregiver.

The ADILIFE platform can be used in a Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) context

Users/Patients Sport and wellness
Health Organizations Chronicle diseases management 
Home assistance organizations Home care
Teleconsultation / Second Opinion Insurance / Protected resignation
Health care Service Provider Emergency