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TELE ASSISTANCEis now a solution easy to find on the market as evidenced by numerous world wide applications. It allows to provide support for elderly or patients with chronic diseases, to assist patients at home after a surgery event,to followthe patient cares at home after a hospital discharge or more commonly to provide medical assistance to elderly from  remote at home or in nursing homes, including the ability to monitor vital parameters.

The diffusion of telematics technologies such as Internet, broadband, 3G UMTS and LTE are now well established, which makes it easier to implement social welfare services and / or health care remote networks.

ADITECH has distinguished itself for being the first company to introduce telemedicine and telemonitoring systems based on Videocommunication in the Italian market: Televideo assistance.

As a pioneer in this area, ADiTech can claimtogether with its partners to be the first company in Italy to have launched its third generation of televideo assistance systems: Carestation was the first, followed by the BETAVSTA and its evolution,  which  include services over  mobile terminals.

The Teleassistanceapplication allows to implement a remote visit using Videocommunication from the user's home TV set, or can run on 10” tablet for mobile users. Due to the increased diffusion of broadband today, remote assistance service  is even easier to achieve with our technology solutions: simple and of immediate use.


The new televideo assistance system allows the user located in his house to have an interactive audiovisual connection with the doctor or the medical operator,  running the  multi-client “Control Center“. The Operator station  has the same functions of a telephone call center but based on Videocommunication, therefore the Operators can see the patient and immediately get vision of hispsychophysical status, see the vital signs measurements stored in the system or  take in real time measurement. In addition he can set alarm thresholds, see if alarms have occurred, then provide advice and support to patients with serious difficulties.

What can an Operator do with this tool? :

  • Monitoring of vital signs and  follow the user health progression through visual control of symptoms and vital parameters , stored  in real time or recorded;
  • Alarms: Set alarm thresholds and monitor critical parameters such as heart rate, breathing, temperature, pressure, weight, blood sugar, ECG, respiratory flow , saturation, etc. .
  • Talk in video communication with the patient in order to verify hisphysicalconditionor provide moral and medical support,
  • Drug prescriptions control : Verify the correct use of drugs and the observation of the doctor’s prescription.
  • Information: support the patient to self-management his disease, suggesting appropriate sites and web forum accessible via server, provide the proper education path in agreement with the pathology.
  • Training: Teaching the patient and his family the proper use of medical devices
  • Socialize: Allows you to create a "Community" between patients and operators belonging to the network

BETAVISTA is a solution applicable to any type of disease , clinical scenarios or Ambient Assisted Living, being able to use multi parametric vital devices or dialogue with environmental sensor. The system creates a client-server network that provides the highest degree of protection and preservation of user data.