The PASS project milestone is to implement a “Private Assisted House” like service model,aiming to  encourage active longevity of elderly in their own home, the place where he can continue to carry out his usual activities either he has and independent life or shared with his family, taking advantage of user friendly innovative services and solutions. The project wants to give an impulse to disseminate a new culture of smart homes, not related to home automation in the traditional sense, but  putting the user at the center of the developedsolutions. The PASS model integrates the most advanced telecare technologies and implementing the intellectual, training and care support, necessary to disseminate the smart-object concept or "vitality sensors", making use of the production capacity of the Marcheindustries, which are offered an important opportunity to find a positioning on a potentially unlimited market in both geographical and beneficiaries terms. The interventions, articulated on different lines of action, have the common goal of building an eco-system capable of supporting a plurality of scenarios of use, and then be capable of ensuring the bidirectionalcontact, diversified needs, including the elderly and the outside world. It follows that the house adapt itself to the needs of those who live there, allowing, moreover, to prevent the occurrence of unsafe situations.

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