Best practice

  • Neurology network: Centro Neurolesi “Bonino-Pulejo” Messina Objective is to provide patients suffering Sclerosis and other invalidating neurological pathologies with home care services . Over 50 patients are presently home monitored.
  • Elderly summer Home care project: developed in 2007 together with EuropAssistance  to provide home care assistance to 20 elderly and weak persons, in  summer, when heat becomes the most dangerous item for elderly wellness.
  • Mobile Emergency Video Assistance: providing video communication links between rescue mobile units and A&E medical center, to assist and support emergency crews activities; five ambulances are presently active in the Italian territory.
  • Remote Medical assistance: in cooperation with the city of Milan ADiTech telemedicine terminal including wireless medical devices have been installed to provide remote visits and  video-examination to homeless and social misfit communities; five assistance center are involved in the network.
  • Elderly cardiology surveys: together with the INRCA Institute (the Italian body for elderly assistance) was developed a special mobile briefcase for cardiology disease  monitoring with video communication and vital parameters such as ECG, Blood pressure SpO2 and digital stethoscope for home care and remote assistance to cardiology patients. The service was provided to both chronicle patients and rest homes, lacking the availability of cardiologist.
  • Home care for elderly: The project was promoted by the NHS of Piacenza to provide home care to 40 elderly suffering from chronicle disease ( COPD, Cardiology and Hypertension ) directly in their homes by means of videocommunication TV set top boxes and appropriate one touch wireless medical devices. Presently 40 patients are being monitored in remote areas
  • Intra-Hospital Cardiology services: similar home care approach was used for provisioning of  inter-hospital cardiology services to departments not having a cardiology team. Presently used in Ancona regional Hospital-Italy.
  • Virtual Hospice: the first network for telemedicine support to long term stroke patients. The provides both continuous monitoring of vital signals using noninvasive wireless wearable devices and support to care givers in order to manage even the most critical patients.
  • Wellness and sports monitoring: cooperation with sport and fitness teams to provide live measurements and remote monitoring of athletes physiological parameters. This approach allows to gather live vital parameters and to improve athletes performances and predict  sport injuries. The company provides regular consulting to national soccer teams ( e.i.MILAN, Fiorentina, Parma, ecc.) and famous sport brands such as FERRARI.